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Chief Level Search

Without question, the most critical hires for any company are that of the executive team. The Diestel Group recognizes the challenges a Board of Directors faces in identifying and recruiting qualified candidates. To meet these challenges, The Diestel Group collaborates and partners with the board or the selection committee to ensure that our clients have the entire Firm's expertise at hand when conducting these critical searches.

We provide focused high-level search expertise and collaborate as a team to identify the ideal leaders for the client. We identify and recruit the best candidates nationally. These strategic leaders and visionaries have led their organizations to ever-increasing innovation, profitability, and market presence.


The Diestel Group understands from direct experience the variations and nuances of running a business. We believe that Operations is the heart of every organization. We help our clients create world class teams that drive innovation and efficiency. The business marketplace has become much more fluid in the last few years and operation groups everywhere are being asked to do more with less. Consequently, having the right mix of intellectual capital, hard work, and commitment is paramount to having a performance based operations team.

Our practice team focuses on finding the best talent from the most applicable industries for our clients. We benchmark, pinpoint, and recruit from competitive organizations that will produce the operations talent that will enable our clients to gain competitive advantage. The Diestel Group has been involved with helping it's clients with positions ranging from COO to Directors of QA to Managers of Customer Service.


Marketing professionals are a unique group; They sometimes are characterized as listening to a different drummer. Understanding this culture and recruiting leaders from it is something The Diestel Group excels at. We've been doing it since we opened our doors.

Organizations today understand that customers are being marketed to more heavily than ever before. Things like product placements in tv and movies, print ads, streaming media and other internet strategies, traditional media, and the push power of combined corporate giants are creating a world of constant marketing messages. We help organizations build marketing teams that increase revenue streams and help grow the business. These professionals have proven track records. The Diestel Group identifies marketing professionals from your industry and from related industries that will impact the bottom line.


The Diestel Group delivers sales professionals that deliver results. We believe that quality sales people making quality sales drive businesses. Without sales there is no operation - the business dies. The companies we perform sales searches for look to us to provide professionals that have experience and quantifiable success in their respective industries.

Our work has been instrumental for small start up companies just looking for revenue to corporations that are looking to capitalize market share. We help our clients with sales professionals that will increase revenue streams and grow business. We have been delivering leaders in this function since our inception and enjoy working in this space.

Human Resources

Creating a winning corporate culture is critical to competing in today's dynamic and results-driven marketplace. Now more than ever, CEOs are looking to their Human Resources function to assist in the creation of such cultures. We believe that it is crucial that human resources management be of the highest caliber and the greatest talent available.

The Diestel Group has unparalleled knowledge of and access to HR executives in the west. We specialize in working with CEOs and other senior-level executives to identify HR professionals who will help create corporate culture, develop strong policies and procedures, and strengthen internal systems.

Our Human Resources practice has earned a reputation as one of the most seasoned and effective HR practices of any regional search firm. We work with the leading organizations to identify and recruit strategic management in top human resources positions.

Finance / Accounting

The Diestel Group delivers finance professionals that deliver results. We identify and recruit individuals who will impact the overall operation of the business through their innovative, strategic, and thorough approach. The Diestel Group understands the sensitivity and stewardship that is necessary to oversee the financial operations of organizations.

Organizations everywhere have increased the complexity and strategy of their finance groups. From Banking to Accounting, professionals are being asked to participate in the strategy and tactics of the business. Getting a solid finance professional that goes beyond counting the numbers and safeguarding the corporate finances is critical to strategic advantage. The Diestel Group has maintained a specialty practice in this area since our inception.

Whether you need a new CFO, tax specialists, auditors, VC team members, controllers or bankers, The Diestel Group is poised and excited to help.

Information Technology

The Diestel Group consults to emerging and established technology companies. We help our clients attract and retain senior level and executive professionals from the industries leading companies. From our inception technology search has been a big piece of our business. We are sponsors of entrepreneurial associations and venture conferences.

Our backgrounds in technical recruiting, coupled with our understanding of the business side, we are uniquely positioned to assist companies looking to build their existing teams or grow from scratch. The Diestel Group delivers CIOs, Project Managers, Vice Presidents of Technology, Directors of Development, and CTOs.

Communications / Public Relations

The Diestel Group's Corporate Communication's practice work on behalf of clients spanning all industries. The Diestel Group has recruited on assignments for senior communications professionals in the intermountain west. As a result, we know the corporate communications market, the issues it faces, and the executives who have demonstrated success in this dynamic and visionary business. Moreover, we can identify and recruit the best candidates in the shortest amount of time.

As a leader in the corporate communications recruiting field, we look to share our knowledge and experience with our client's leadership to better their corporate communications team.

Research Development and Engineering

The Diestel Group consults to companies with research and engineering entities. This has included engineering firms, aerospace companies, biotech, food, civil organizations, and construction companies.

We understand and help deliver promising and proven intellectual capital. Often these professionals are in very special niche markets. Access and retention of these people is critical to organizations that rely on their knowledge and abilities. Building an innovative and performance-driven team of research professionals or engineers is often the critical factor for success. They have become the horsepower of organizations creating new products and new ways of doing things for our society. The Diestel Group understands and excels at recruiting professionals in this function.