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Executive Placement Consultants

The Diestel Group is a strategic partner with clients, offering them industry insight, market intelligence, responsiveness, consistency and measurable results. Most importantly, our executive placement consultants can deliver the right executive or board member for whatever our client's industry or stage of development. For those looking to recruit a particular executive, placement consultants, Utah talent pools, or nationwide talent, contact us. We know what to do and you will see that we compare quite favorably to other Utah executive job placement agencies.

Executive Placement Network Utah Process

Our executive placement consultants have a commitment to detailed accuracy that you will not find among many other Utah executive job placement agencies. While no two clients are the same-and no two searches-The Diestel Group has identified and established a rigorous set of principles that we apply to the search process:

  • A Clear Understanding of our client's organization-its history, culture, operations and needs-and the scope of the assignment. We define each assignment clearly in writing, including the timeframe and anticipated fees and expenses.
  • Research and Sourcing begins upon the specific definition of the position and desired candidate attributes. We review our data sources, including our proprietary database as well as our library, and analyze target industries. We also initiate confidential discussions with sources of candidates at this stage.
  • Interview and Evaluation takes place after our research and sourcing efforts identify the best candidates. We interview them, determine their level of interest and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability. The Diestel Group will also conduct preliminary reference checks before our clients ever meet a candidate.
  • Candidate Reports and Recommendations are submitted only for the best-qualified candidates. The Diestel Group will submit reports detailing candidates' personal and business histories, as well as our candid appraisal of their fit within the parameters of the position.
  • Client Interviews and Assessment: We arrange your meetings with candidates and help clients evaluate the outcome. This includes answering questions that may arise and arranging subsequent meetings if necessary.
  • Offer When the client makes a clear choice and extends an offer to the candidate, The Diestel Group navigates the final steps in the search process. We conduct in-depth reference checks to verify a candidate's qualities or to resolve any doubts; help negotiate the final offer to ensure speedy completion; and advise the candidate on separating fairly and firmly from their current employer.

Not only are we confident in our process, we are confident in our executive placement consultants. Utah is attracting some of the nation's top talent, and we extend our reach to them quickly.

Executive Placement Network Timeline

The Diestel Group executive placement consultants work collaboratively with its clients to ensure a smooth and efficient search. We have repeatedly completed searches much shorter than the 90 day industry standard. However, our success is intertwined in our partnership with our clients. The length of the process is determined by a number of major factors.

  1. The nature of the position - the definition, specificity, and nuances of the position
  2. The scope of search the client wants to engage - geographic and professional level
  3. The collaboration and time sharing of the client

The following is a schedule for the main activities in the search process:

  • Client meeting
  • Position clarification & description
  • Researching and sourcing for candidates
  • Candidate screening by Diestel
  • Presentation of candidates to client
  • Candidate interviews with client
  • Client identifies successful candidate
  • Detailed references by Diestel
  • Offer, negotiation and integration

Executive Placement Utah Collaboration

The Diestel Group executive placement consultants asks all clients for a collaborative relationship. Our data illustrates how search completion centers on the sharing of information and involvement by the client in the search process. There is a defined and purposeful methodology to executive placement. Utah recruiters, consultants, and headhunters often miss the details that go into placement.

Successful search requires a partnership that encompasses these critical factors:

  • In-person client meeting to initiate search
  • Client led updates on organizational factors in relation to search
  • On-going status reports by electronic messaging and conference calls
  • Creative and participative dialogue regarding offer negotiation and integration

We look at our search work as critical to the overall success of our clients. Consequently, we ask that they participate with us in the search in such a way that creates expediency and results. Client meetings and reports are designed to utilize client's time as effectively as possible. In-person client interaction is encouraged to initiate the search and electronic and phone interaction is utilized thereafter. If you are looking for Executive search companies Utah, then trust the professionals at The Diestel Group. Call us today for more information.