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The Diestel Group helps individuals, teams, and whole organizations reach higher levels of performance. Everything we do is performance oriented. We look deeply at existing conditions, develop innovative strategies, and craft execution that leads to results. We offer consulting services in conjunction to our search work or as a stand alone service.


The Diestel Group maintains that a company is a collection of individuals working together towards a common purpose. Individuals create ideas, operate equipment, test ideas, execute decisions, meet together, run programs, sell goods, and more often than not they do these things in conjunction with other people. People working together is at the root of organizational effectiveness. People work together through the conversations they have.

Conversation is the medium of organizational intelligence. Organizations can gauge their overall effectiveness by the skill, thoroughness of the conversations their professionals have. Individuals talk together to understand complex situations, consider options, and commit to joint action. But sometimes talk does not produce productive results. People continue to see things differently, the discussion becomes repetitive, or seeming agreements are not acted upon. The Diestel Group helps individuals develop critical skills that allow them to take important conversations beyond where they otherwise bog down. We help draw out reasoning, help players better understand each other, and move inquiry forward.

The quality of business conversation depends in part on the working relationships among individuals and groups. We believe that creating action-oriented working relationships is the key to competitive advantage in today's complex, fast-paced business environment. Our work with individuals throughout the company helps create highly effective, collaborative professionals that will make a difference for the teams and organizations they work for.


The Diestel Group works with both managerial and executive teams. We help create environments where people can make major contributions, push the envelope, and challenge traditional ways of thinking and acting. At the same time, we help design a system where these activities are comfortable to others in the team and to the larger organization. Pacing the work, creating innovative systems, and helping the organization achieve its goals faster and more efficiently is at the core of our team consulting.

Clients often invite us to help design and facilitate off-site meetings in which a team reflects on how it is working, the challenges ahead, and how best to move forward. Sometimes these meetings focus on issues that have been inhibiting progress or that will prevent the team from moving to the next level.

High functioning leadership teams require unusual competence at sustaining inquiry into difficult issues and using differences to improve insight and performance. The Diestel Group helps teams develop this competence through our consulting and coaching sessions using a powerful learning approach that combines case studies and role-playing. Reflecting on case situations from their own experience, team members enhance their skill in dealing with those kinds of situations and improve their ability to work with each other. The reflective conversation stimulated by this work can lead to breakthroughs on business issues raised in case situations.


We help companies generate adaptive learning cultures. These learning cultures incorporate teams, flexibility, shared decision making, and advanced protocols for giving and getting information. The Diestel Group focuses on the concept that organizations are about putting ideas into action. They do this by interacting and collaborating. Our interventions are aimed at helping all levels of the organization gain new skills in collaborating, learning, and adapting.