Results-Oriented Executive Search

Founded in 1997, Diestel Executive Search provides executive search and management consulting services. We work for industry leaders, Fortune 500, and emerging growth companies. Diestel Executive Search is a results-oriented executive search firm that delivers leadership capital to its clients. Diestel Executive Search has a process that is uniquely adept at matching the right talent with the right company.

Delivering High-Impact Leadership

Partnering with us is appropriate when the positions are senior level and critical to the success of the organization. Our clients receive a level of service that involves a genuine commitment to the client organization. The work performed by our consultants is thorough and timely, assuring our clients the best possibility of success that is to be expected of an executive search company, Utah or elsewhere. We strive to perform in a manner that allows our work to strategically impact the overall success of the organization and the executive team.

We are highly effective at solving recruitment problems quickly and effectively. Our search efforts help organizations build and retain the management team. Our focus on being thorough allows us to help our clients create teams that are capable of solving both tactical and strategic issues, thus adding value to the organization. From the start, we have used non-traditional research approaches, our action-search methodology, and industry specialization to bring exceptional leadership to our client companies. Our initial clientele had confidence that we would provide them with the best leaders in their industry…and we did. A lot has changed since we helped recruit for our first Utah company, executive search now means managing massive networks of people and using complicated evaluation tools that draw on a vast array of disciplines. Diestel Executive Search was ahead of the curve back in the 1990s, today we continue to lead the way in quickly getting the right new talent integrated into teams, departments, and boards.

Discover Why Diestel Executive Search is the Right Fit

We have successfully provided fast growing, young companies as well as Fortune 500 companies with the best entrepreneurial management in the field. With these great leaders, our clients have been able to develop technology and products that have impacted both their own respective organizations as well as their industries.

As our firm has grown, so have our capabilities to better serve clients. Our specialized areas have expanded and our ability to better serve our clients has increased. Our success has stemmed from our thorough, intensive research, our active-search methodology, and our strategic partnerships with our clients.

Consider Diestel Executive Search to create value and drive your organization forward.

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