What traits should a skilled marketing executive possess?

Marketing is the connection between your company and your customer. The advertising materials and campaigns developed under the direction of your marketing executives can lead to increased company growth and sales. Finding the best individual to fill this important role requires first determining what makes one a successful marketing leader and second employing sound executive search practices to identify the best candidate. To learn more about what characteristics make a successful marketing executive, read what our business experts think.
Sonya Schwartz

Sonya Schwartz

Sonya Schwartz, Founder of Her Norm.

Important Traits for a Top Marketing Executive

Builder of Relationships

A strong network of relationships leads to increased business success. Marketing is more than just developing marketing plans and corporate processes. Be a good motivator and an inspiration to employees.

Thinking Strategically

A marketing executive must be able to prepare and conduct company strategies in both the details and the big picture. Knowing the consumer by marketing methods such as analytics and metrics is the perfect way to develop the best marketing approach. You will build a tailored approach to achieve your objectives if you have a solid understanding of industry patterns.


Marketing executives that succeed in their jobs are insightful. They are technologically savvy and depend on technology to boost businesses. To help mold your marketing approach, you could harness marketing practices by using techniques such as statistics and research.

Identifying Marketing Leaders

As a CEO, I strongly believe that I cannot achieve success without the help of my team. With this fact, I make sure to find the right ones who are perfectly fit for the job and can bring a huge contribution to the business. Here are the qualities I look for in a marketing executive which I believe can help us to win more customers:

1. Relationship Builder

Since they will be the one who will do all the communication with the customers, they should possess this trait above all to easily build connections with them and gain their trust.

2. Strategist

They should be the main leader in thinking of fresh and new ideas on how we can get the attention of our customers. They should also be able to lead a team and help them collaborate and think of creative ideas.

3. Visionary

As a marketing executive, they should be able to foresee what the economy, or the market, will [look like] in the next few years so we can do our marketing plan based on that analysis.

Martin Seeley

Martin Seeley

Martin Seeley, Chief Executive Officer at MattressNextDay.

Samantha Moss

Samantha Moss

Samantha Moss, Editor & Content Ambassador at Romantific.

3 Winning Marketing Executive Traits

The business industry constantly evolves, and everyone should expect tight competition. That’s why marketing executives need to put a lot of effort into improving to win more customers. The more they provide efficient customer satisfaction, [the more] customers will keep coming back and recommend their services to others. It leads to more sales and indicates the company’s success in the future. Marketing executives need to present some of the following traits:

a. Example of Valor – Marketing executives [should be] willing to take risks to meet [company] objectives. Also, they are the ones dealing with challenging and rude customers.

b. Good Communicator – This trait caters to the needs of the customer. If a marketing executive is reliable and easy to communicate with, customers will like you and recommend your expertise to other customers.

c. Innovative – Let us expect that marketing executives have experience with technology and innovation. That experience will generally apply to marketing products.

Three Essential Traits

Creative, persistent, and self-sufficient – three of the essential traits we all must look for in a marketing executive. As a business owner, these traits are crucial, especially when it comes to winning customers. We all know how tough the competition is, so they should be creative to stand out.

It will not be an easy journey gaining new customers, so they should be persistent. In marketing, every minute counts, and waiting for others before coming up with a decision might make you lose more opportunities, so they should be self-sufficient.

Jacob J. Sapochnick

Jacob J. Sapochnick

Jacob J. Sapochnick, Founder of Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick.

Sharon Van Donkelaar

Sharon Van Donkelaar

Sharon Van Donkelaar is an entrepreneur & techie who is passionate about digital marketing. As the CMO of Expandi, she is currently at the helm of their digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Desirable Traits of Marketing Executives

Marketing executives have a fundamental influence when it comes to attracting customers. Therefore, I would suggest developing the following traits.

To start, they must be first-class visionaries to see the opportunities that others don’t and to lead the company’s marketing efforts in this precise direction. Once the opportunities and target customers are identified, they must be efficiently [pursued]. Marketing executives must thoroughly understand their customers and learn pretty much everything about their preferences, habits, and needs. They must be up to date with trends and needs.

Next would be a combination of two traits: customer-centricity and emotional intelligence. Consumers have intricate expectations and needs, and to correctly identify those needs, executives must have an eye for those things.

In the end, it all comes to strategy, which is why a marketing executive must be a strategic thinker, able to design and precisely monitor the implementation of the best of strategies.

Be Humble

Today’s marketing executives need to be open-minded. Marketing is a very fun role and helps you flex your creativity and business acumen at the same time. Let’s be honest. Marketing executives tend to believe themselves experts at what they do. Pride in your skills is great, but you need to be humble in the face of things that you don’t know and be accepting of ideas that were not made inside your box.

When a marketing executive listens more than they talk, they will be able to get feedback from customers and colleagues alike, allowing them to use their smarts and win the favor of the brand’s audience.

Sam Shepler

Sam Shepler

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero—a 7-figure location-independent services business.

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